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Surinder Goswami | Create Your Badge

I wish to introduce myself as an individual who is always ready to learn something new and is very creative and inventive in nature. I was born and brought up in a loving, caring and religious family where I was taught the value of honesty and sincerity. I hail from Kurali(Punjab), I belongs to middle class family. I am always taught to pay prime importance to ethical and personal values of love, peace and sincerity. All members of my family are not educated and personal aim of my life is to place myself in a better position in the ever expanding corporate world.
My father has been a source of inspiration throughout my education. My parents’ support has always made me strong and encouraged me from time to time to face the big challenges in my life. In order to strengthen my goal, I have worked very hard in academics, extra curricular activities to achieve my personal development and lead my career in a meaningful way.